The 18th edition of the Wiken cinema Festival has started in Vitacura.

3 de enero de 2020

ust like the previous years, Filmo Estudios goes to Parque Bicentenario in order to oversee the open air projections of the Wiken Film Festival in Vitacura, held in January from 3 to 12.


With a screen of 22x10 meters, DCP projection and 5.1 surround sound, we offer an experience that goes beyond a common cinema theaters.

“DIGNITY”, the new show from Invercine and Mega about Colonia Dignidad.

29 de dciembre de 2019

“Dignity” is a chilean-german thriller that premiered for the first time on the german OTT streaming platform Joyn on December 19th of 2019.


The production was in charge of Invercine&Wood, being coproduced by Mega and with funding from the National Council of Television (CNTV). All of this made possible the creation of this series, which will be available on open television sometime during 2020.

“The Mole Agent”, Maite Alberdi’s new movie premieres at Sundance.

15 de Enero 2020

We are already finishing the visual postproduction for “The Mole Agent”, a documentary that tells the story of Rómulo, a private detective that has been hired to investigate whether the client’s mother is being mistreated at her retirement home. To get the necessary intel he hires Sergio, an 83 year old man who has never done any work as a mole so that he can become a new resident at the facility.

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